Season 2 is the last season of the show. the last words where Sorry to break the new that Elena of avalor has cancelled after 34 episodes.
— Niclelodeon Upfront



  1. Restart - January 6, 2017 (201)
  2. Gamer Battle Sowrder Manered - January 13, 2017 (205)
  3. Dance Dance Lover Buck - January 20, 2017 (207)
  4. Stand-Up-A-Wit-Academy - January 27, 2017 (202)
  5. A Love Story - February 3, 2017 (209)
  6. In To Deep Part 1 - February 10, 2017 (203)
  7. In To Deep Part 2 - February 17, 2017 (204)
  8. Best Freind Note - March 11, 2017 (110)
  9. The Lost Ghost - March 12, 2017 (206)
  10. Homework Present Fear - March 13, 2017 (208)
  11. Trapped In The West - March 14, 2017 (210)
  12. Orange is the New Universe- March 14, 2017 (218)
  13. Freind-Meets-Goodbye - March 15, 2017 (219-220)

Unconfirmed episodes


  • The season has 13 episodes
  • The Network Ratings shooted up since My Little Kingdom Part 1, The Show Renewed another season.
  • This season features less episodes then Season 1.
  • This season is more action pack.
  • A episode from Season 1 move to this season.
  • The season permerie is Restart, The season finale is Trapped in The Past Parts 1 & 2.
  • After In To Deep Part 2 the series will go on a hatius until Summer 2017, Just like Season 1 but that has two hatius.
  • A Fourth of July episode is in this season.
  • this is the final season and the series finale is Freind-Meets-Goodbye.
  • Filiming began September 2016 and ended January 7, 2017.
  • The final production days were December 29, 30 and January 7th.
  • The final song was recordered December 26th.
  • The series finale theme song is "Goodbye".
  • after production wrapped on this season and series, the cast On Nick annonced that the series is over but not the story.
  • on January 17th its confirmed that there doing a movie coming in Fall 2017. Production will begin Febraury 7th and wrapp in Summer.
  • The season permeried January 6, 2017 and ended March 15, 2017.
  • Two endings were shot one where Tica is staying and one she is leaving.
  • There was only one episode in Season 2, that matched the episode number and the production code
  • Disney did not want to be apart of the series so the entire series is cancelled. but shorts are expected to air in CGI on March 12, 2017. instead of live action.
  • The season recorded 17 episodes. but 4 were left unaired and tied in to Freind-Meets-Goodbye. the episodes may be included in Elena of Avlor (Season 2 DVD).
  • * Lies, Secrets & Girlfreinds (212)
  • * Konner's Futrue is on The Line (213)
  • * I Won't Let Go Part 1 (214)
  • * I Won't Let Go Part 2 (215)
  • but despite Freind-Meets-Goodbye being aired as the finale its never going to be the true season/series finale.
  • on January 22, 2017, Nickelodeon ordered a Untitled Elena of Avalor series coming in Late 2017 if not Early 2018. the pilot will begin filming on Scheider Baker in Los Angles, California on April 13, 2017. the season will begin filming June 24, 2017 and set to release Fall 2017 with a order of 13 episodes.
  • March 2, an interview with the writers, FOX is thinking of continuing the series, but nothing has been anononced. there is a potential of a Season 3, but not on Nick or Disney.
  • on April 2017, Nickelodeon began airing reruns.
  • A final decision will be made by FOX or TBS, April 14, 2017. FOX is in the really early stages of a third season and so is TBS.
ved Elena of Avalor episodes
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Season 2
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Unaired Episodes
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