Season 3 of Elena of Avlor was renewed by FOX on April 12, 2017. Production began March 1, 2017.


18-year old Elena is guided with her friends through new challenges and new villains along the way. while she is facing Meberty.


Unscheduled Episodes

Episode Prod.Code
Code Blue 306
Kitty Photos 309
Julia Roberts 313
Father's Daze 304
Episode 19 (Part 1) 317
Episode 20 (Part 2) 320
Episode 21 (Part 3) 321
Special (2018) 6-0090


  • The season premieres June 9, 2017 on FOX.
  • The third season airs on FOX not on Nickelodeon.
  • the season has 21 episodes.
  • 318, 319 are set between the 3-part season finale episode so they are add on episodes.
  • it was announced that all of the recurring characters and special characters have confirmed to appear in this season, but they will later start to move to series regulars.
  • the third season premieres on Disney Channel in the Fall 2017.
  • the events in the season lead up to the spin-off.
  • a couple will engage this season.
  • at first the network said there will be no plans to pick up the show for a third season, but FOX was trying to get it picked up, back in December, but the show already had shut it down, so they tryed in March and succeeded so they had a party.
  • its unclear if there's going tp be a 4th season, as FOX said they are probaly doing two seasons. if the show gets picked up FOX, will order 13 episodes to the season. but its unlikely there will be a fourfth season if so the spinoff will be delayed to premiere sometime in 2018.
    • a foufth season was announced , and a third season icreased 5 episode, on July 16, 2017.
    • the spinoff is slated to premiere in the Fall 2018.

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