Season 4 of Elena of Avlor was commissioned July 16, 2017. there is no scheduled airdate as of yet. the season is currently in writting, along with Season 3. the season was slated to air October 22, 2017, but changed do to the increase of episodes in the third season.

the writer ''Jedd Sprgarrn'' released a episode name of this season that the writers have currently finished writting it. its called ''Cave Dwelling Diamond'' and another one ''Crystal Clear''.

the writers revealed that a new villain will apear his name is ''Frankini'' but his power is unknown. and a new character will apear her name is Miliyanda, she will apear in the season as a recurring character. more characters and and episodes will be announced as the months go on. production begins December 2017.


  • The fourfth season of Elena of Avalor consists of 26 episodes, which are ordered below by production number and not their original broadcast order. production codes are XOAJXX.
No. Overall No. Episode Episode Title Written By Directed By

Original Air date


TBA 1 Cave Dwelling Diamond Jedd Springger TBA 2018 XOAJ02
TBA 2 Crystal Clear Jedd Elinoff TBA 2018 XOAJ04


Main Cast

  • Laren-Lindsey-Donzsis as Mako Willams
  • Chris Tavrez as Logan Quick
  • Raini Rodreges as Tica Johnshon
  • Kylie Secor as Konner Wilkerson

Recurring Cast

  • TBA as Milliyanda
  • TBA as Ally
  • TBA as Monroe
  • TBA as Millie

Guest Cast

  • TBA as Frankini (Season 4 villan)
  • Hal Sparks as Mastermind (Season 1, 2, 3, villain; mainly)
  • China Anne McClain as Anna (Season 1 villan)


  • On July 24, the writers confirmed that Season 4 is the series last season.

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